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Mattress cores

The company PURETA is one of the leading manufacturers of mattress cores in central Europe. Thanks to its years of experience, expertise, knowledge of materials and application of modern technology it is able to offer optimal products for the customers in this area. A wide range of mattress cores in various designs of standard, HIGH RESILIENCE „cold“ and special types of polyurethane foam, latex and in combination with BONELL or pocket springs.
PURETA can offer either mattress cores only or final products with a wide selection of covers for the customers.

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Components for upholstered furniture

The company PURETA has been one of important component suppliers of polyurethane foam and materials for upholstered furniture for many years. Thanks to the modern equipment, knowledge, years of experience and skilfulness of its employees, PURETA is able to offer required solutions for the furniture industry. From boards and cut parts to angular, shaped, milled, perforated or glued components made from a wide range of foam in combination with felt and springs.

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Technical applications

The company MOLITAS TECHNOLOGY s r. o. which is based in Hodonín premises together with PURETA is focused on technical applications. The company was founded in December 2010 and makes parts mainly for the automotive and packaging industry. Those are shaped cut parts, strips or bales of various types of PUR foam, latex, microporous rubber and other materials that additionally can be provided with a self-adhesive system covered with a separation paper. During the manufacture of the mentioned products, the company guarantees maintaining of the drawings to the fullest extent using modern computer control programs and technology of water-jet cutting or oscillating knife cutting.
Final products can be used mainly in the already mentioned automotive industry, by manufacturers of air-conditioning and thermoregulation equipment and other technical branches.
The above mentioned products are more and more being used even in areas outside of technical applications, such as manufacture of components for upholsterers and mattress manufacturers.

1. PUR foam, latex more

The company PURETA offers its business partners products of high-quality polyurethane and latex foam. Consultation service and cooperation in development of new products are a commonplace. The company has available a wide range of polyurethane foam from leading world-class manufacturers.

2. Other materialsmore

We have available also other materials, such as Bonnel, mini Bonell or pocket spring cores, felts, fleece, non-woven, Velcro, adhesive etc. We can supply with these materials also separately at bargain prices.

3. technologymore

The company PURETA is equipped with modern machinery that makes possible to offer our customers all-embracing solutions of the manufacture of required products.